Auto Repair Mechanic Business Financing

Auto repair Mechanic

Flat In Cash? Let Us Inflate Your Cash Flow In Less Than 48 Hours!

Auto Repair Entrepreneurs are having a profitable business cycle, and will continue on with this sluggish economy. Because of the slowed growth of our economy, people are now holding onto their cars, far longer, and driving their vehicles farther than ever. As the public hold to their vehicles longer, the more it is a necessity to keep these vehicles well maintained, and running smoothly. No matter what business we choose to follow, there will be challenges that you, the CEO, Owner, Founder, and the Boss in your business that you need to overcome. To meet the demands of your customers, and to remain operational in your industry.

Does your Auto repair shop need to replace a torque wrench, and breaker bar? Need to pay your staff? Need Available Cash, when things arise? Maybe you need additional eye protection goggles, gloves, rags, work light, PB blaster, oil filter wrench for your new extended garage in your shop? At CapCall, LLC. we can provide the additional funds you need to supply your business, in less than 48 hours! As you take care of our Automobiles, we will handle your cash flow needs.

Fast Business Funding For Auto Mechanics

CapCall, LLC.'s unique alternative financing solution is a great tool to small businesses like yours that the majority of banks, and other lending institutions ignore. When banks, and lending institutions turn their backs on you for reasons (e.g insufficient business history, lack of collateral, and less than perfect credit history), we are here to provide the cash you need to keep your business running. Our Cash infusion process is a cash-flow friendly way to access the capital your business needs with no personal collateral, or guarantee required.

You simply sell a portion of future receivables at a discounted price which is paid to you right away, upfront in a lump sum. A small percentage of daily sales is deducted until the contractually agreed upon amount is paid off.

Auto Repair Business Funding, As Fast As A Mustang

  • One Short Application Form And 3 - 6 Months Of Business Bank Statement
  • Funding Specialist That Specializes To Your Industry
  • Receive Same Day Decision and Offer
  • Receive Up To 125 Percent Of Your Average Monthly Gross Sales Volume. You Do Not Need To Take The Full Amount Your Business Qualifies For.
  • No Collateral Requirements, Personal Guarantee, Liens, Hidden Fess Or Surprises.
  • Funding Occurs Typically One To Three Business Days After Singed Agreement, Or Sooner.
  • Convenient Payments
  • May Qualify You For Additional Cash Infusion Once A Portion Of Your Initial Funds Has Been Paid Back (Typically 50 - 60 Percent)
  • Collection Ends When The Contracted Obligation Amount Is Paid Off