Bar and Nightclub Business Financing

Bar and Nightclub Financing

Non Stop Partying, Without The Cash Flow Worries!

Owning a bar/nightclub business is not always about the partying, the laughter, celebrations, etc. As the CEO, Owner, and Leader of your business, it takes long hours of meticulous attention to detail are put to work to keep your establishment the center of entertainment, and social gathering.

Running your bar/nightclub business, such as every businesses, will be taking in expenses and costs. You have employee payrolls, electric bills (that do not come cheap), planned expansion, interior improvements. But the most important one, are inventories for your distilled drinks. Keeping tabs of the alcoholic beverage industry as a whole is important to know what your customer wants and drink in your establishment.

Competition is everywhere, and you are not just competing with bar/nightclub businesses, but also with other entertainment business options.

We keep tabs of the important stuff to keep your business rocking all night long!

The bar/nightclub business should not be such an undertaking. Rent, Inventory, Utilities, Payroll? CapCall, LLC. will help cover all the expenses you will incur in just 48 hours! 

Let's keep your bar/nightclub the place to be!

CapCall's unique Bar and Nightclub Business Financing gives you a quick and easy access to working capital, exactly when you need it! It is a Cash-Flow friendly way to access the capital your business needs with NO personal collateral or guarantee required.

Bar and Nightclub Business Financing, Money When You Need It!

A simple application process, high approval rates, speedy funding, and a convenient, no-hassle payment plan makes sure your business is never over extended and always on time.

  • One Short Application Form
  • Receive same day approval offer, decline, or request infortmation
  • Receive up to 125 percent of your average month gross sales volume. You do not have to take the full amount your business qualifies for.
  • Funds from $5,000 - $2,000,000
  • No Collateral
  • Funding Occurs between 1 to 3 business days
  • May qualify for additional funding with initial funds have been paid back. Typically runs between 50-60 percent of the funds.

Enjoy the convenience of automatic payment. You will never have to write a monthly check, or accidentally miss a payment, plus business upticks and downturns are readily accommodated.

There are NO collateral requirements, personal guarantees, liens, hidden fees, or other surprises.

Let's cut the middlemen! Why spend hours of your time waiting for brokers to get you quotes, and pay them commissions for a bad deal? As a direct lender, CapCall, LLC. takes all the unnecessary costs to keep you financially afloat.

We have fund specialists that specializes and caters solely to your industry. Nothing is more important than serving you, the CEO, Owner, and Leader of your business with the right people, with the knowledge of your industry, and with the proper guidelines.

Speak to one of our representatives! We can supply you many forms and information of business funding options that will keep your business running all night, 'til the sun rises!

Let's keep the party, the glitz and glamor of your bar and nightclub business continue rocking!

Bar and Nightclub Businesses We Fund

We cater to all of pubs, bars, lounges and clubs in the market:

  • Beer Pub,
  • Brew Pub
  • Disco Bar
  • Liquor Pub
  • Nightclub
  • Neighborhood Bar
  • Pool Pub
  • Specialty Bar
  • Sports Bar, etc.

When traditional banks and lenders turn their backs on you. We are here to cover and cushion the expenses, and the costs to keep you in operation. Traditional banks and lenders typically approve only 10 - 15 percent of loan applications from small businesses due to lack of collateral, insufficient business history and less than perfect credit score.