Restaurant Business Financing

Restaurant Business owner

Keep The Ovens Roasting, Without Burning Out Your Cash Flows

Running a restaurant is a tough business. Coming up with the concept, the design and listing of your menu, hiring the right staff, keeping your appliances working, inventories of ingredients, meat and beverages, and running it from day to day are all difficult and consumes most of your time. You need to develop the right attitude, promoting and marketing the restaurant, keep an eye on the competition, and communicate with your customers. You have to perform all of those tasks while you’re serving delicious food and providing five star service.

The Restaurant industry is a very competitive billion dollar business. Keeping your equipment and the whole business running smoothly during hours of dining is without question, very important. Unfortunately, many things arise when we do not expect it. Ovens stop working, plumbing problems, leaks on ceilings, replacing the utensils in your restaurant, etc. These expenses, and the costs of operations (utilities, electric bills, additional tables and chairs for expansion, rent, employment payroll) all add up without us ever expecting. Leaving you burned out of your extra cash flow.

At CapCall, LLC. We have the menu! The tools, and the expertise to prepare you when it is time to order up.

Serving You The Funds On The Side!

CapCall, LLC. provides a unique friendly cash flow program that lets you access the capital your business needs with no personal collateral, or guarantee required. We understand you, the CEO, President and Owner of your business the importance of the value of your time to keep your business running.

Traditional banks, and other lending institutions approve only 10-15 percent of loan applications from small business due to lack of collateral, insufficient business history and less than perfect credit scores.

Our alternative business financing is a great option for the millions of restaurant owners like yours that banks leave dissatisfied.

How it works:

You simply sell a portion of your business' future receivables at a discounted price which is paid to you right away, upfront in a lump sum. A small percentage of daily sales is deducted until the contractually agreed upon amount is paid off.

Restaurant Business Financing With The Right Ingredients

Learn more of what makes CapCall, LLC. The right partner to keep your ovens baking, and the restaurant open:

Expect Quality With CapCall, LLC.
  • Single Application
  • Same Day Decision And/Or Offer
  • Funding Specialist That Caters To Restaurant Owners And Restaurant Industry.
  • No Collateral Requirements, Personal Guarantees, Liens, And Hidden Fees
  • Funding Occurs Between 1 to 3 Business Days
  • Receive Up To 125 Percent Of Your Average Monthly Gross Sales Volume. No Need To Take Full Amount Your Business Qualifies For
  • Convenience Of Automatic Payments
  • May Qualify For Additional Funds Once A Portion Of Initial Funds Has Been Paid Back (Typically 50 - 60 Percent)
Funds Can Be Used For:
  • Expansion
  • Renovation
  • New Equipment
  • Advertising
  • Inventory
  • And More...

When traditional banks and lenders turn their backs on you. We are here to cover and cushion the expenses, and the costs to keep you in operation.