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Supermarket Business Owner, And Need Fast Cash For Your Business?

The Supermarket Business industry has been redefining and reinventing themselves in a whole other level. A major shift in the industry is causing the business to be considered by banks, as a 'high risk' industry to lend money with large 'default on loan' rate. It has become a very risky industry, due to many factors, such as; its expanding competitors online (e.g. Amazon), shrinking inventory, and too many supermarket options for customers to grocer for their needs somewhere else. Supermarkets have some of the most vulnerable margins in the business world, today.

Practicality is the new norm, and for you, the CEO, Owner, and Founder of your supermarket, grocery business, it is very important to be in the know of the habits of your customers. What they buy, where they go, and when to expand.

Need Available Cash Flow For: Employee Payroll, Inventory Shortage, Marketing And Retail Software Update?

Every businesses need short term cash flow when unexpected things arise. Need fast funds for your employee payroll? Funds to add inventory? Money to market your business locally, statewide, or nationwide? Or maybe expanding your business? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find and screen every lenders to get quality loan or other forms of financing for your business. Ever since the recession, Banks have been turning their backs to a majority of small businesses. Only 10 - 15 percent of loan applications from small business owners are getting screened or approved, mainly because of the lack of collateral, insufficient business history, and less than perfect credit score.

Looking for the right lender should not be such an undertaking. Look no further than here at CapCall, LLC. for all your business funding needs.

Supermarket Business Fast Funding By CapCall, LLC.

CapCall, LLC.'s unique funding solution takes the hurdles of finding the right loan for your business. We fund your supermarket business as fast as 48 hours! Our alternative business funding solution provides a quick and easy access to working capital when you need it. It is a cash flow friendly way to access the capital your supermarket business needs with no personal collateral or guaranteed required.

Supermarket, Grocery, Department Store Business Funding Procedure:

You simply sell a portion of your future receivables at a discounted price which is paid to you right away, upfront in a lump sum. A small percentage of daily sales is deducted until the contractually agreed upon amount is paid off.

Our alternative financing is a perfect tool, to the millions of small businesses likes yours that banks leave dissatisfied and ignored.

Learn more of what makes CapCall, LLC.'s alternative financing the right direct lender and partner for your supermarket business:

  • One short application form.
  • Fewest Stipulations in the industry.
  • Receive same day approval offer, and other requested forms.
  • Funding specialist that caters to supermarket business industry.
  • Receive 125 percent of your average monthly gross sales volume. No need to take full amount your business qualifies for.
  • No Collateral, hidden fees, personal guarantees, liens, and other surprises.
  • Funding typically occurs from 1 - 3 business days
  • Convenience of automatic payments
  • Qualify for additional cash infusion to your supermarket business. When you have paid back 50 - 60 percent of the initial funds.

Take the right step with keeping your business operational and growing. Let CapCall, LLC. be your financing partner to your supermarket business financing needs.


  • 4 Months of Business Bank Statement
  • 4 Months of Business Credit Card Statement
  • Our Short Application Form
  • We Take All Credit Scores. Excellent And Bad

Funds Can Be Used For:

  • Expansion
  • Renovation
  • New Equipment/Retail Software update
  • Inventory, and more...

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